Why should you use EarlyLogic.com?

It is a modern and innovative tool for working with dyscalculia or other disorders of mathematical abilities.

EarlyLogic stands out on the market:

  • Taking care of the youngest children, in preschool (4-6 years old) and early school (6-9 years old).
  • As the only one on the market, it digitizes the diagnosis and therapy process.
  • EarlyLogic is not only learning, but also fun. Young users and their guardians will set off on a journey, learning about the adventures of Discalculus, with whom they will overcome difficulties and develop their skills.
  • The platform is prepared for the needs and behavior of children, developed with accuracy by a specialized team.
  • The system constantly adapts to the current level of the child's skills, thanks to which the education process is carried out comprehensively and evolutionarily.

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